Sinet Media
We develop the Ykt media platform, which includes the Ykt.Ru Portal, as well as a number of mobile applications and groups in social networks with a total audience of over 350 thousand users per day and 3.6 million per month. Ykt is the regional digital media No. 1 in Russia in terms of population coverage in its region. The Ykt.Ru portal includes the News.Ykt.Ru news service, the leading mass media platform in Yakutia.
Sinet Startup
We create and develop IT companies from scratch to the level of market leaders in the country and the world. The flagship project of Sinet Startup is inDriver which has grown from a small Yakut startup to a global company operating in the passenger transportation segment and is the fastest growing company among the major international ride-hailing services.
Sinet Spark
Non-profit infrastructure development project of Yakutia, focused on the continuous improvement of the quality of life of people through the search and implementation of advanced technologies in the remote northern region with the coldest climate in the world.
Our team supports a number of social projects and initiatives aimed primarily at developing and supporting children in all countries of the Sinet Group presence, as well as creating conditions for the development of intellectual production in Yakutia.

Mission and Values

Our main mission is — We are developing ourselves and developing the world through new technologies.
Our main goals and objectives

  • Inspire millions of people around the world with our success story of a company established in a remote small town in Eastern Siberia developing fast premised on intelligence and motivation, benefiting people and taking leading positions in its region, in the country and around the world.

  • For us, it is important to develop civil society and uphold social justice through freedom of speech on the Internet. We support News.Ykt.Ru, a leading media in Yakutia, one of the few independent media in the region, as well as a number of popular news groups on social networks. In the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) we foster the emergence of a large IT industry producing competitive products in the Russian and world markets. We believe that this enables us to really modernize the regional economy, public life and the mentality of the people, providing opportunities for long-term advancement.

  • Implicitly believing in the power of new technologies, we started «Sinet Spark», an infrastructure development project, aimed at improving the quality of life in the region through technological advancement.

  • We are engaged in social and charitable activities, through educational projects, fundraising for the needy, environmental awareness-raising events, supporting research and sports. Read more about this in the respective section of our website.

Arsen Tomsky,
Founder of Sinet Group

To support the values of our team, we conduct Sinet challenge contests of personal growth, organize New Year visits to the sea and ski resorts, award with orders of “Heroes of Sinet”. As a result, our team members may suffer from aqua-fobia but end up enjoying kitesurfing, save people from fires, collect litter in the nearby woods, generate new ideas and create first-class services that bring great benefits to others.


We invite you to join our team! We seek talented and hardworking, positive and interesting people.

In all the cities of our presence we have warm, cozy offices located in the city center or close to it. We have a young and friendly team. You can learn more about the company's life in our corporate blog Sinet.Ykt.Ru (runned in Russian language)

We use local online recruitment service Rabota.Ykt.Ru

Jobs at Sinet Group and Ykt.Ru portal

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Headquarters inDriver

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